We are the Kern County Music Educators Association

We bring Kern County music educators together

Since its founding, KCMEA has been facilitating honor festivals and concerts, putting together professional development opportunities, and fostering community among the music educators of Kern County.  We are made up of school band, orchestra, and choir directors; general music teachers; private teachers; and art and music administrators.  We teach students ranging from early elementary school through the collegiate level.  Some of use come from small, rural districts; others from growing urban programs.  Some of us are in our first years of teaching, while others have weathered decades of growth and change in music education in our schools.  

We care about our students.  We want to do our jobs the best we can so our students can achieve to their full potential.  As an organization, KCMEA wants to help the music educators of Kern County achieve these goals.

Meet the Board

We are here to represent you.  If you have suggestions, requests, questions, or just want to say hello, send us an email!

David Green



Jack Betrand

1st Vice President


Brent Williams

2nd Vice President


Walt Crider

3rd Vice President


Peggy Biller


Kendra Green



Jared Dalgleish



The man who disparages music as a luxury and non-essential is doing the nation an injury. Music now, more than ever before, is a national need.

Woodrow Wilson

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