Music Lesson Scholarships

We all have musically gifted students who simply cannot afford to take private lessons.  KCMEA is proud to sponsor 6-8 private lessons for a number of local students every year.

KCMEA members may nominate up to two of their students for scholarships each year.  Scholarship applications for the 2019-2020 school year are due October 4, and auditions will be held on October 12 at Thompson Jr. High. 

Scholarship requirements include:

  • The student must be currently performing with a school band, chorus, or orchestra.

  • The student has been a member of the school music program for at least one year.

  • The student has never had the opportunity to study privately due to financial need.

  • The student displays a prominent interest and talent, and would benefit from private instruction.

  • Scholarship applicants must have a demonstrable financial need (which must be verified by the nominating teacher, and can be demonstrated by AFDC eligibility, free and reduced lunch, number of children in the family, low income, or single parent household).

The man who disparages music as a luxury and non-essential is doing the nation an injury. Music now, more than ever before, is a national need.

Woodrow Wilson

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