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Join our proud community of Kern County music educators!

This is the general membership for music educators in Kern County.

If you are a current college student in Kern County, this membership is for you

If you are a retired music educator in Kern County, your membership is free! Just register.

Here's what's in it for you!

Member Benefits

Professional Development

KCMEA facilitates events throughout the year for music educators to hone their skills.  Our fall conference provides sessions for educators in all levels and disciplines, and our FREE Winter Warm Up conducting sessions help choral and instrumental directors develop their conducting in a masterclass-type setting.


We often forget that our colleagues can offer us incredible support.  KCMEA membership creates opportunity for music educators to meet each other, to share ideas, and to grow together not only professionally, but as a community.


KCMEA wants to help you, as a music educator, and the students you are teaching.  It's why we facilitate a scholarship program for private lessons, it's why we provide you with a list of established private lesson instructors for your students, and it's why we organize Fall Conference, Winter Warm Up, and other professional development opportunities.  

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